5 Ways to Add Value to Your Property in London

By Ema Globyte on Jan 8 2018

Making home improvements that add value to your property is an investment, which every homeowner in London should consider.

Improving the look and functionality of your home can significantly increase its value – and make your home a more enjoyable place to live.

There are plenty of quality home enhancements to help unleash your home’s full potential. We listed 5 ways to add value to your home in London, along with some guidance on how to impress potential buyers.

Before you make any big renovation or extension decisions, speak with a trusted local estate agent to learn about what’s popular in your area. Every home has a ‘ceiling price’ – the maximum price you can expect to achieve based on other homes in the area.

Getting professional advice will help to ensure that your investment will be profitable.

1. Add Value to Your Home with a Loft Conversion

In London, where space comes at a premium cost, a home with an extra bedroom or bathroom is a buyer magnet, and extending upwards is one of the easiest ways to gain this extra space.

Loft conversions can be done cost-effectively, and don’t normally require a planning permission. However, do ensure that they comply with the existing building regulations. The most successful loft conversions are the ones that appear to be an integral part of an existing property.

Converting your loft isn’t particularly disruptive either, as most of the work can be carried out from outside, which makes extending into the attic a popular home improvement option for maximising the value of a home.

2. Building an Extension to Add Value to Your Home

Building a single or double storey extension is another effective way to create extra space in your home, and well as increase the property’s value.

When planning an extension, it’s important to design the rooms to be as big as possible, without giving up too much of the outdoor space.

The new space would ideally blend in with the overall design of the house, but if you choose to go for a more ‘dramatic’ look, avoid using too many different materials, which can make it clash with the rest of the house.

Rear Property Extension

3. Refurbishing the Kitchen to Add Value to Your Home

An attractive and beautifully renovated kitchen is bound to impress a potential buyer – as well as add value to your home in the surveyor’s eyes.

There are many things you can do to give your existing kitchen a new, modern look, but creating a beautiful and efficient work surface is a priority.

You should also consider adding desirable features, like an extractor hood and an attractive range cooker, if you don’t already have them. Choose equipment that is as up to date as possible, so it wouldn’t look outdated in 10 years.

Many kitchen suppliers will also offer free design service, so make use of that for fresh layout ideas.

Kitchen Refurbishment

4. Bathroom Makeover to Add Value to Your Home

Refurbishing existing bathrooms is always a smart move – it’s a way to add value to your home with a modest investment.

For a bathroom to please a potential buyer’s eye and increase the value of your home, aim for a hygienic look with a touch of luxury.

It’s about keeping it simple, yet classy: new taps and a new power-shower, plus replacing your old shower curtain with a sleek glass door.

Ensure that the bathroom has plenty of light, and that the flooring is clean and hygienic. Little tricks like adding mirrors will help the bathroom look larger and brighter.

Bathroom Refurbishment

5. Enhancing the Kerb Appeal to Add Value to Your Home

Most of us want to create a positive first impression when we meet someone new, and it’s equally as important to create a positive first impression of your home to a potential buyer.

There are plenty of ways to improve the exterior of your home, from smaller scale improvements, to larger scale makeovers, which can entirely transform the look of your home.

Smaller scale improvements, such as repainting, repairing broken windows or cladding, and replacing old garage doors, can be very effective in improving the exterior of your home.

If you’re looking to completely transform the external appearance of your home, you may want to consider a larger scale makeover. This may involve changing roofs, windows, wall cladding, chimneys or adding porches.

Kurb Appeal

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